Empowering Defence
Safeguarding Nations

We are a Swedish technology company within the defense industry, leading the market in the Nordic countries with market leading manufacturer och technology. Our focus lies in equipping individual soldiers and bolstering military forces to facilitate their missions. Alongside cutting-edge technology, we provide comprehensive training, maintenance services, and all necessary support.


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Mine Detecting

Within our corporate umbrella, Sensec and MilSec stand as stalwart representatives of Ceia, the foremost manufacturer of mine detection equipment worldwide. Renowned for their cutting-edge technology and unparalleled expertise, Ceia’s products are the cornerstone of defense strategies worldwide.

Across the globe, the vast majority of defense forces rely on Ceia’s mine detectors and ground-penetrating radars for the rapid identification of threats, both minor and monumental, whether on terra firma or beneath the waves. Their equipment serves as an indispensable asset, ensuring the safety and security of military personnel and civilian populations alike.

In partnership with Ceia, our mission is clear: to deliver the most advanced and reliable solutions to those tasked with safeguarding our communities. Through the combined efforts of Sensec, MilSec, and Ceia, we stand committed to providing cutting-edge technology that sets the standard for mine detection and threat mitigation worldwide.

Chemical Detection

Our parent company, Sensec and MilSec, proudly serve as representatives of Smiths Detection, a renowned manufacturer of chemical detection equipment. Smiths Detection is widely respected for its leadership in this field, offering cutting-edge solutions that are trusted by security professionals worldwide.

Through a range of wearable and stationary systems, Smiths Detection equips ground forces with the tools they need to detect unseen threats. These advanced technologies provide crucial time for reaction, enabling personnel to respond effectively and mitigate potential dangers, thereby enhancing overall safety and security.

Non-governmental Organisazions

With a wide range of products, NGO’s, Aid- and non-profit organizations around the world can create freedom and security for people in former war zones.

Radiation Detection

As Sweden’s foremost provider of radiological portals featuring gamma and neutron detection capabilities, we offer a wide range of options, including wearable units, portable systems, and stationary installations.

Partnering with industry leaders such as Kromek, Radcomm, and Bertin, we bring not only cutting-edge solutions but also a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the battlefield. Our integrated network solutions ensure seamless communication and coordination, empowering military personnel with the tools they need to address radiological threats effectively and efficiently.


We are equipped to provide comprehensive service for your system. Drawing upon our extensive experience in the security and defense sectors, we understand the critical importance of system availability and professional execution and properly trained.

Tailoring our approach to meet your specific requirements and conditions, we offer customized service solutions that ensure optimal performance and reliability for your system. Trust us to deliver excellence in service, maintaining the functionality and effectiveness of your equipment when it matters most.

Our work process

Our operations are characterized by a continuous pursuit of quality and environmental care. With ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications as cornerstones of our corporate culture, we are firmly committed to ensuring the highest standards in everything we do.

As we approach the final stages of our ISO27001 certification for information security, we reaffirm our dedication to protecting our customers’ data and integrity.

We offer tailored solutions that align with our customers’ unique needs and strive to deliver service that exceeds expectations.

With proximity to our customers and their needs, we are poised to elevate our work ethic to the next level and continue to be a reliable partner for long-term success.

1. Preliminary Study

2. Project Planning

3. Project Implementation

4. Training and Documentation

5. Maintenance and Servicing